Our Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Services:


You’re a Chicagoland homeowner that leads a busy life.
Work life, family life, kids.
Your tax bill keeps increasing and you don’t want to relocate. There’s 100 things on your to do list and you’re convinced you need to take action about reducing your taxes.

Property Tax Appeal Evidence Report (DIY)

Real estate market analysis formatted to support your independent Pro Se (without attorney) property tax appeal effort. This service is for the do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowner that doesn’t mind mailing in documents and sending timely emails to the appropriate county personnel.



Property Tax Appeal Full Service (D4U)

A comprehensive hands-off solution to property tax appeal when you don’t have the time and patience to bother with the details and you just want results. This service is for the homeowner who wants a passive full-service property tax reduction solution which involves assigned attorney representation at the required levels of appeal (County Board of Review).



Property Tax Exemption Check (DIY/D4U)

If you don’t know what you qualify for then you’re missing exemptions and if you miss exemptions then you’re might be paying too much in property taxes and owed a refund.



If you’re a Chicagoland homeowner that wants to do something about their high tax bill in 2019.

We Can Help.

Our Business-to-Business (B2B) Services:


You’re a seasoned Property Tax Attorney who knows that to succeed you and your staff are to gather client information quickly, work with a deadline based operation, and work like lunatics in a short period of time.
In the time-sensitive and results-driven environment which is the nature of property tax appeal, it can be difficult to find the time and focus to attract more clients. And even if you had more clients, you’re unsure about how your current system and/or staff could handle the increase in client volume.
We provide al a carte consulting and software services for seasoned Property Tax Attorneys, Real Estate Closing Attorneys, and Estate Planning Attorneys among others. What we offer allows small law firms to scale their business growth without scaling liability.

Property Tax Appeal Evidence Report

Identifying the strongest evidence to support a property tax appeal argument can be painstaking and tedious.

Our Automated Valuation Model (AVM) driven real estate market reports and assessment non-uniformity reports can help you outsource some of your homework necessary to win. When a full appraisal isn’t necessary, our reports may be used to supplement your legal efforts to secure a real estate property tax assessment reduction for your clients.

Property Tax Appeal Administrative Software

If you’d like to execute more comprehensive control over the technology leveraged to generate our Property Tax Appeal Evidence Reports, having a monthly-subscription to our web-based software application will allow you to:

• Provide Instant Property Tax Analysis Reports to prospective clients.

• Setup county assessor publication and deadline alerts to ease the anxiety about missing a township submission deadline.

• Facilitate Automated Valuation Model (AVM) driven real estate market reports and assessment non-uniformity reports as A-Z tax appeal evidence reports complete with respective county-specific assessor/board of review complaint forms.

Data Subscription to Reduction Pre-Qualified Lead Database

Reduce your client acquisition cost by targeting prospects that have been pre-analyzed to be over-assessed. The accept all walk-in case approach is one that can lower overall win-rate and will diminish profit margins.

Implement our laser-focused targeted-marketing approach custom crafted to real estate property tax appeal law firms. We query millions of records in our large cluster of databases to determine real estate property that is ripe for an assessment reduction. We set our filters for the strongest arguments and are able to quickly return results to take action with.

If you’re a Property Tax Attorney and want to scale your business growth without scaling liability.

We Can Help.

Our Business-to-Business (B2B) Services:

Real Estate Brokers

Real estate is a crowded market, with approximately 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States. Such a figure can be intimidating when seeking to stand-out in order to grow your business.
Half of new business comes from previous clients or referrals, in the world of Real Estate.
We can provide you with the competitive edge that you’re looking for as a Real Estate Broker via the multiple services that we offer. Work with us and provide value to the existing clients of your brokerage. And produce new clients with our lead generation services, amongst many more.

ProtestPro Web Portal Lead Magnet

ProtestPro enables you with the power to increase your amount of annual referral leads.

Gain a competitive advantage for your Real Estate Brokerage with our Client Lead Magnet, ProtestPro. Our ProtestPro application feature is a Realtor/Broker customized web portal allows you to generate prospective leads in your farming area rather than buy them, as with it there is a high amount of value provided to your prospects up front. This service is white-labeled, thus you are positioned and branded as the real estate tax appeal expert while we do all the real estate data analysis grunt work.

75 percent of an agent’s business comes from referrals and word of mouth. The only way to increase your clientele size is by increasing your lead count. To reach the next level of your business, focus on driving referral leads with current and past clients with ProtestPro.

Our ProtestPro App is multi-faceted as with it, subscribers are able to do the following:

– Offer referral gifts
– Request referrals from your web portal page
– Customize your branding for congruency and ease of referral
– Gift our Property Tax Analysis to stay top-of-mind

Web Design & Development

We live in a world today that is a digital one and searching for a home is no different. Buyers now have apps that let them search for homes by location and neighborhoods. And online listings have virtual tours which allow prospects to look at a bunch of potential homes right from the devices in the palm of their hand.

90% of Real Estate Brokerages have websites with the above features, thus to grow market-share a brokerage must allow Realtors to stand out and be memorable. Today’s successful brokerage contain Realtors with a strong personal brand.

By launching a website with a blog component, Realtors are able to:

– Be authentic
– Create content
– Define their audience
– Build an email list
– Create a newsletter
– Focus on a market niche
– Have a memorable site design
– Opine – State their opinion
– Network with prospective clients and colleagues

Make a lasting impression and separate yourself from your competitors with a mobile-first (mobile phone compatible and desktop computer compatible) website.

Go one step further and showcase our ProtestPro App feature on your site to provide additional value to your site visitors thus aiding in an increase in client conversion.

White-Label Content Branding

The term “White label” refers to a fully supported product or service that’s made by one company but sold by another, the latter uses their own brand, logo, and identity. We create custom brand packages for Real Estate professionals that allow them to:

– Avoid re-inventing the wheel, making mistakes that others before you have already made and mastered
– Decrease time to market, by not troubleshooting and increasing your learning curve outside your core competency
– Save money by not developing tools and solutions that already exist in other formats
– Capitalize on resources and expertise in the niche where you provide a focused solution

We “White Label” the following services:
– Blog Articles concerning Real Estate Technology
– Market Reports concerning Real Estate Assessment levels
– Search Engine Optimized Website Copywriting
– and more

We consult with you to learn of your history and your objectives. We get a sense of your ‘voice’ and positioning. Then, we do your homework for you, you add to it or not, then we grant you license to put your name on it without necessary credit.

If you’re a Real Estate Broker in Chicago looking for a Competitive Advantage.

We Can Help.