About Us

About Us:

Chicago: a city ranked with the second highest in property taxes in America. Our mission is to develop and utilize Real Estate Automated Valuation Model software tools to serve real estate professionals whose clientele are property owners overpaying in real estate property tax. We perform real estate market statistical analysis’ at a macro (big data) scale which enables us to pre-identify over-assessed homeowners and moreover prepare supplemental appeal report packages that are instrumental in the success of reducing the tax burden on over-taxed real estate.

Company Founder:

Schwaps is a company that was founded by Justin B. McClelland, a computer scientist with over 10 years of experience in the field of real estate and software development. The company specializes in products that enable real estate property tax appeal firms to expeditiously produce residential/commercial real estate property tax pre-analysis reports, as well as compile property tax appeal evidence report files at scale via progressive data science software tool innovations.

Made in Chicago Ridge, IL