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Perhaps you’re a real estate closing attorney in Chicago that wants to add more value to your clientele and add property tax appeal as a related niche. Or maybe you’re a seasoned property tax attorney in Chicago and you desire to automate and scale administrative components of the residential sector of your business growth. Either way, you’re in the right place. Grow your clientele within the real estate property tax appeal niche of your legal practice with our Uniformity King software.


Illinois was the 2nd most popular state that people moved away from in 2018.
Despite the Jack Frost and the traffic, high property taxes are a big reason that people are leaving.

It is estimated, by Schwaps, that 1/3 of all 1,056,161 (regression class) residential properties in Cook County, Illinois are over-assessed and thus over-paying in real estate property tax.

This means that approximately 352,054 homeowners in Chicago could use your help.


Grow your clientele within the real estate property tax appeal niche of your legal practice with our Uniformity King software. The Cook County property tax appeal system is one that is very time-sensitive. Our software allows you to quickly create analysis and appeal reports in seconds.

With Uniformity King, you are able to login and create property tax analysis reports that project how much financial opportunity there is for your clients save. As well as calculate your estimated potential invoice.

The property tax analysis reports work well to move property owners ‘off the fence’ and convert prospective clients into a fully engaged clients.

You’ll be able to build uniformity arguments, consisting of 3-5 comparables, by querying through thousands of latest Cook County assessment data records expeditiously.

You may select the data filters (Section, Class, SqFt, BAVperSQFT, etc) that provide the strongest comparables to choose from for your assessment reduction argument or you may let the proprietary automated valuation model algorithm do the work.

Quickly, you can generate a PDF download of your residential property tax appeal complaint and evidence file formatted for your law firm and created compatible per respective submission bureau (Cook County Assessors Office, Cook County Board of Review, Property Tax Appeal Board).

Click the image below to view a full PDF sample evidence report.

Product Demonstration:


  • Setup township specific deadline alerts
  • Be able to provide an instant property tax analysis report to prospects to aid client engagement
  • It’s compatible with split-pin and single pin residential properties (list the classes)
  • Quickly generate alternate arguments for short re-review deadline windows
  • Assessment data updated within 5 business days of township publication
  • Reduce labor costs with increase employee efficiency as a result of this tool
  • Live instructional trainings
  • 24-hour tech support

Uniformity King Pricing:

Our Uniformity King software is web-based and requires no installation. In other words our application is cloud-hosted and with a software subscription you’d be able to work from any PC or Mac computer.

$197/month/user *
Start-Up Subscription
  • 4 Uniformity Reports a month (48 per year)
  • Latest Cook County Assessment Data Integration
  • 24/7 Web Access
  • Live Trainings
  • 24/7 Tech Support
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  • x
  • x
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  • x
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$497/month/user *
Business-in-a-Box Subscription
  • Unlimited Uniformity Reports
  • Latest Cook County Assessment Data Integration
  • 24/7 Web Access
  • Live Trainings
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Pre-Qualified Client Prospect listing
  • Custom Law Firm Website
  • Township Publication/Deadline Alerts
  • Exemption Checker
  • Mobile Compatible Client Engagement Module
  • e-Signature for Contracts
  • Transactional Email

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Ala Carte - Property Tax Appeal Evidence Report

Schwaps Real Estate Tax Appeal Evidence Report

Click the report image to view a comprehensive sample evidence report PDF.

$97 per ala carte property tax appeal evidence reports for when you have a deadline coming up and you simply want single uniformity or market value property tax appeal evidence reports. Each property tax analysis and appeal evidence report is provided by a Real Estate Tax Analyst. We know you’re in a rush, thus each report is completed and delivered within a 48 business hour turn-around time.

If you’d like to sign-up for our ala carte property tax appeal evidence reports, please schedule time below for the first step of client-intake.


"Justin's services have made a tremendous impact on the real estate tax appeal portion of my legal practice. He responds quickly, and diligently searches for comparable properties. I strongly recommend his services for anyone seeking to expeditiously process tax appeal property searches."
Stanley J. Skupien - Attorney Law Office of Stanislaw J. Skupien, P.C.
"I have had the pleasure of using the Schwaps services for several years now. Justin McClelland is a wealth of information and gladly takes the time to answer any questions that I have about tax appeals. His products also save my firm time and money by automating the more mundane tasks of property tax appeals. Additionally, the reports that he is able to provide are always spot on and exceptionally beneficial to my clients. His expertise and services allow me to put my best foot forward to the taxing authorities and to the client."
Julia Jackson - Attorney Jackson Abdalla Law Group
"I really enjoyed the fact there was a very quick turn-a-around time in getting my searches done. The owner is very professional and hardworking. This company gets an A+ in service, professionalism, motivation in finding new, exciting and interesting ways to streamline processes and services for business owners. I highly recommend this company."
Shirley Garmon - Consultant West Suburban Property Tax Consultants
"Responds promptly and accurately."
Russel R. Custer, Jr. - Attorney Lillig & Thorsness, Ltd.
"Everything needed to get a property tax reduction."
Bill Bertucci - Consultant William Dart LLC
"Speedy Service."
Andrew J. Rukavina - Attorney The Tax Appeal Company

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