Always Be Closing

Every successful Realtor lives by “ABC”.

To do so, one must have

And every client starts simply as a

If you don’t consistently hunt for leads, then you’ll never Always Be Closing.

We can help you hunt and close more with our
ProtestPro Lead Magnet

One of the best ways to actively seek new Leads (that turn into Clients) is by providing value upfront and setting yourself apart from the competition with an area of expertise.

Sign-up for our ProtestPro Lead Magnet and get:
– Free Property Tax Analysis Reports
– Free Customized Schwaps sub-domain web page
– Free White Label e-Book to educate clients

If you’re a Realtor that wants more closings in 2019.

We Can Help.

ProtestPro Lead Magnet Details:

Property Tax Analysis Reports Detail
– a Memo detailing how your property is being taxed in comparison to your neighbors
– a Chart showing which neighbors have appealed with values
– a Property Tax Analysis financial report of your house, detailing projected estimated savings

Customized Schwaps Sub-Domain Web Page Feature
– a web page that features your name, photo, and free property tax analysis report download for homeowners
– send homeowners to your sub-domain web page to obtain their report that discloses property tax over-payment calculation
– position yourself as a Realtor that can also help reduce the property tax appeal solution for past/new Clients

White Label Real Estate Property Tax Appeal e-Book to educate clients
– gives homeowners with a working knowledge of the property tax system in the counties that Chicagoland consists of
– provides Chicagoland appeal statistics from prior years


If the homeowner referred by you signs-up for any Schwaps service,
We’ll pay you, the Realtor, a referral fee
for each client that we’re able to achieve a property tax assessment reduction.

In this saturated world of real estate
We know how hard it is to stand out.
Work with us to gain your edge.
All at no cost to you.